Things I noticed. RITE and RIGHT literally FLEW off the page as I looked at this being the last words of the phrases that “go both ways” so to speak. Once you order the list you start off with SPITE and SWORD and end on a sentence that you got there by KNOWS/NOSE/ONES......and ending in ROSE.

Spite, Sword, Knows, Nose, Ones.....Rose......led me to the interesting observation.....

Everyone KNOWS - You shouldn’t cut off (with a SWORD) ONES NOSE to SPITE ONES face......or you’ll never be able to stop and smell the ROSEs.

Of course Dorothy with Toto and that Fearless Lion fell asleep because they stopped to smell Poppies (not roses)....leaving the Sad Tin man in a panic.

Has anyone done the obvious recently and visited the MGM Grand where this whole idea for $100,000.00 hunt originated and looked In A Stone (maybe a Yellow-Brick-Stone from a Yellow-Brick-Road) under the FEARLESS (oops----Cowardly LION (who isn’t Lying))....

And one last little bit of maybe a true observance.....

10 Weeks = X Weaks......or X Askew.....

Maybe near that Cowardly Lion is a brick or bricks that are in an Askewed X shape....

Has anyone out there visited the MGM grand lately?

Oh lastly......Pittsburg seemed to be an early choice for some as to the location. Others thought Harlem in here’s a little historical bit of trivia....

There are two “theories” as to where Frank L. Baum came up with the name of OZ.

Theory One - He had a filing cabinet with two draws on it. One was labelled (A-N) and the other (O-Z).

Theory Two - OZ was a non-existing place on the border of Pensylvania and New York. So.....what’s between NY and PA


Yep.....good ole OZ.....right between NY and PA. the book on page the last known sighting of that infamous rock/stone with the X on the grill of Howard Hugh’s car. That was Jul 14, 1938.....

Maybe the stone disappeared the next year 1939.....and is still hidden to this day in the Yellow Brook Road from a movie that was made in 1939.

Where else would you place a treasure for an 8 year old kid to find?

Twenty Seven Countries Intermingle Legitimately. If you take the 21 phrases + 5 that are used twice + 1 for (20 who are muddled must mock their mate). You get 27.

I forgot to mention that a fairly “srong” arguement for the 21 phrases being a fairly good start is.....that the remaining phrases mostly seem directional. Especially concerning throwing stuff away.

And just in case it hasn’t been mentioned before (or too far back).

ENY = NV (Nevada).

ENVY == NV (Nevada of course)
ANY == NE (New England or North East)



Twenty Who are Muddled Must Mock Their Mate
A Wonderful Little Man Wigged Out his Peers
A Scent So Severe Its Sheer Prescence Glares

It was pointed out that the picture of Tarquo The Great fit all 3 clues. David in a Wig, Mocking himself in front of the SHINE (Glares) Deli (Deli’s have a strong Scent to them....).

Oh....and if you’ll notice the GREY edges.....there are 21 pages with the grey edges. 16 between 166-167and the 5 between 86 and 87. (oh and GREY is a possible interpretation of MUDDLED). and 2.....and goes.....

On the pages before Tarquo are 2 pages that hold 3 pictures each for a total of 6. The 3’rd page of the second 16 has two pictures on it. So you have your 6 and 2.

There is only one other page that has more than one picture on a GREY border and that’s a few from the end of the 16 with 4 pictures that seems to want to wreck things. See without those 3 extra pictures....we’d have 21 + 5 + 1 for the 27. But maybe......


Maybe it’s THREE to the last TWO were seated TWENTY FIFTH.

25 + 2 + 3....brings the count up to 30.

Last little thing to maybe blow your mind. Look in the upper corner of Tarquo The Great’ll see an ASKEWed X their.

Also notice AHH on the phone booth as in “AHH Sighed the Monarch Hoping to Sooth His Flu?

There has always be rumors of more than one way to solve this puzzle. The 8 year-old boy approach....

Is it possible that the original Building Codes were not done by CLIFF....but were already there created by Bill and David and that Cliff just built on top of it with everything else?

Can all 41 or the 21 clues be traced back to those pictures. If it’s 41....there should be either 20 or 10 more pictures that may be important?

Or.....can you apply all the clues to the Tarquo The Great page in some interesting way?

Is the Imbroglio and Interchange and Tatoo...original clues by David and Bill.....that Cliff used as well?

Going backwards through the book.....the Tarquo picture is actually Three to the last two....and it’s also seated 25th. (if you count all the pictures in the muddled GREY).

Is anyone scared by all of this?

With magic, it’s always about Misdirection and showmanship. I think it would be fantastic....if after all this’s right there in the Tarquo The Great picture.

And David’s Tattoo - 174517 = 1 + 7 + 4 + 5 + 1 + 7 = 25...
get’s you right back to Tarquo.

TattoO TO TarquO - TOTOTO we’re not in Kansas anymore.

Tarquo The Great (1939-2001)

1 + 9 + 3 + 9 + 2 + 0 + 0 + 1 = 25

And reading down on the phone booth is AHHH

AHHH = 1 + 8 + 8 + 8 = 25

And on the copywrite page is the curious number....

2002071382 = 2 + 2 + 7 + 1 + 3 + 8 + 2 = 25

And for those that want to cast out sevens.....the Grey Page with 4 pictures is 7 from the back end of the 21.

And for those that have gottent this far.....Is Tarquo’s picture really 25 from the end? Or is it really 23? Does it matter? Can we find a couple more pictures to use? Is 23 reasonable because we’ve had 27, 25 and 21....and the only thing that’s missing is 23?

I guess David’s picture in the back with the Tattoo....has kind of a muddled border?

Rule 12: 1745 + 10019 = 1 + 7 + 4 + 5 + 1 + 1 + 9 = 27.

It’s on page 214 = 21 + 4 = 25?

Or Blaine’s Challenge Winners List = 7 + 9 + 7 + 4 = 27.

12 chapters in the book + 13 Dream Manifestos = 25.

Primo Levi actually wrote a book called “The Periodic Table.”

Here are the chapters in the book.....

1. Argon AR 39.9
2. Hydrogen
3. Zinc
4. Iron FE 55.8
5. Potassium
6. Nickel
7. Lead
8. Mercury
9. Phosphorous
10. Gold AU 196.9
11. Cerium
12. Chronium
13. Sulfur
14. Titanium
15. Arsenic
16. Nitrogen N 14.0
17. Tin
18. Uranium
19. Silver
20. Vardrium
21. Carbon

I don’t know if there are more chapters....very interesting to say the least. I’d say that the Tattoo is FEAR and maybe FE and AR being chapters 4 and 1......could mean many things.

First FEAR actually = 41, LESS THE N could be 14 or 16... giving 27 or 25. Here we go again....

Just thought I’d share. Maybe someone should buy the Primo Levi’s “The Periodic Table”....and see what’s in the other chapters.

Knowing that FE is IRON and AR is not necessarily contradictory with SELF-CONTAINED. Knowing things exist besides the 13 words in the puzzle is acceptable. Knowing that CLI and M and X are ROMAN numerals is also acceptable. Knowing that Ozzy Osborne has Tattoo and that The Cowardly Lion is from The Wizard of Oz is exactly the same type of knowledge that may be useful. Using an Atlas to Help breakdown the clue is also outside information that doesn’t lead to the conclusion that the riddle is not self-contained.

If anyone’s been there or is going there....can they please share the following information.

Is the picture of the Boy (behind Tarquo) still in the booth?
What’s the cross streets for the booth?
What’s the phone number? Can you try calling it from the booth itself and see what happens?
Could you check both the Mouth and Ear Piece and look under them?

With the AHHHH from the poster.....and the T for Telephone, it’s not that much of a stretch to imagine a HAT. Which would be a great place for a Magician to hide something.

Lastly, Since the MAP didn’t really end up being a seperate physical thing hidden in the 48 contiguous it possible that the AMULET isn’t a physical thing either.

Both AMULET and “THE TREASURE” (but not together) are in the letters within “If My Tattoo...” clue. (But I’m not saying that’s worth anything.

In 1451, during his explorations, Vasquez de Coronado is said to have reached the Kansas-Nebraska border somewhere in the vicinity of Seneca. He described the land as rich and fertile with huge herds of buffalo and abundant deer.

Oh and Seneca used to be called Rock Castle.....(and of course Several of Steven King’s movies were made by Castle Rock entertainment.)

Why is this interesting. 174571 - cast out 7’s = 1451 which is fun that I found the first paragrah by seaching 1451 Kansas in Yahoo. Now unfortunately....Vasquez was born in 1510 (and Columbus was born in 1451) first paragraph is incorrect on some level.



Which happens to be on ROUTE 41.

I will try to keep this very short. I’m almost convinced that we’re being spoon-fed the final answer.

I think the at the MIDDLE of the TWO MIDDLES. Everything feels like it points over and over to the MIDDLE path as being the right one. So.....if any of you are real and want to go where I think everything is pointing to....then......take the leap of faith....and go to the exact MIDDLE of the two GEO points....near Lebanon and Osborne. I think it’s at one GEO point or the other and/or in the MIDDLE of the two.

I will not be making the trip myself. I am not BLAINE CRAZY enough for that anymore....but it sure as heck feels like we’re being spoon-fed the get someone to the treasure. I know I sound crazy/excited.

Any of you can email me back if you like.....or we can talk by phone.....other than contact with you, I will probably just sit back.....and see if even more free clues get
everyone closer and closer to the treasure.

I think this is interesting but I also think I could be miles off the track. I do know, I’ve had plenty of sleep and I’m basically my normal rational self. My only towards this hunt. That takes the fun out of it for me....

If I happen to be right on any level... I’d be happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement in order to be told the truth.

PS....anyone of you may feel free to post or use any of this message.