Anyone interested in creating two Mini vMac color emulations, one for PowerPC and one for Intel,
emulations that, when opened, already include all 3 classic games, ready to go,
would have my eternal gratitude, a gushing credit on this page, and a free copy of The Fool and his Money.

What follows is a B&W emulation with imperfections.
Foremost among them, when you finish The Fool’s Errand, you can’t see The Finale.

Mini vMac emulator

(1) Right-click the link and select Save Link As...

(2) Unzip

(3) Double-click Mini It will open with an annoying clang.

(4) Drag System.dsk onto the Mini window.

(5) Drag 1-The Fools Errand.dsk onto the Mini window.

(6) Drag 2-At the Carnival.dsk onto the Mini window.

(7) Drag 3 in Three.dsk onto the Mini window.

(8) Double-click a game app to open it.

(9) Under Game File, select Open to select a Saved Game.

     (You cannot double-click a Saved Game from the desktop to open that game.)

(10) Use CTRL-F to enlarge the image, doubling its size.

(11) Use Quit in the Game menu to quit the game.

(12) To quit the desktop, press CTRL-Q, and while still holding the CTRL key, press Y.

     (Do not click the Close Window button in the upper right. It hates that.)


To download the Instruction Manuals, right-click the link and select Save Link As...

Once downloaded, then unzip

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