Once upon a time, there was almost The Fool’s Errand CD-ROM in color. In 1990, poised on the cusp of there being both Macintosh IIs in color (640 x 480 resolution) and Mac SEs in black-and-white (512 x 342 resolution), this product was conceived for a 512 x 342 window. For many heart-breaking reasons, this project was abandoned, however, I want to pay tribute to Mr. Brad Parker for his extraordinary work.

To accomodate both 2-color black-and-white and 256 colors, Brad drew the silhouettes using only black-and-white pixels, and then I colorized the silhouettes using the same color blending techinques that I had developed for 3 in Three.

For those who know The Fool’s Errand well, note that the final 14 Treasures have changed. In fact, I bent over backwards to change the answers of all the puzzles in the game. I felt it only fair that if I was going to coerce players into purchasing a new version, I would need all new answers and several new puzzles.
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