The Return of the Freshman
Crazed filmmaker with star Dana Donahue and production team: Glen Rappold, David Wood, and Rob Thomas.

It’s true. I actually made a feature-length Super 8 film in 1970. It cost $1,700 to make and took in over $6,000.

I’ve no memory of studying my senior year in high school (or any other year). But I graduated nevertheless. Perhaps the faculty decided that my Super 8 filmmaking was a viable alternative to good grades.

Or perhaps the administration grew tired of discovering classrooms with desks turned upside-down. And cleaning up gooey food fights trailing from the cafeteria to the boy’s locker room. And the unmistakable stench of sulfur from homemade gun powder.

Earth Science teacher, Chet Nyerick, and principal, George Perry, I cannot thank you enough.